Saturday, 17 March 2012

A lot of it about

I did the Hampstead Heath parkrun this morning and there was a distinct feeling of love in the air.

This was due in no small part to the presence of a big contingent from the Royal Free hospital who were raising money for charity. This had the much-appreciated side-effect of increasing the numbers of 'hotties' in the field. Well done them. On both counts.

I had been a little anxious about my first run since the 20-miler. I'd intended to go to the gym this week but work (and bed) commitments had got in the way. As I'm thinking of doing another long run tomorrow, I thought the parkrun 5k would prove a good warm-up.

It was certainly warm. It's hard to judge what to wear this time of year and I'd opted for long running leggings. Were I more flexible, I might have whipped them off mid-race. Thinking about it, the last time I did PE in my pants was 1983. I recall I was wearing my Princess Leia vest and knickers set. Which seems cool now, but it was cream with brown piping and, at that age, no-one wants brown underwear.

Anyway, it was a very fine way to start a Saturday even if I did fail to entice over any of the hotties. Perhaps it is time to dig out the Princess Leia pants, after all?!

(Stats: 5k/3.1 miles; 26 minutes 33 seconds; 8.33 minute/mile - Woo hooo.)

(Pic: This is the last hill before the finish line. It may not look much, but you really feel it. I do, anyway.)

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