Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Thank god. Thank god. I'm home.

That's how I feel about tonight's run.

Running club night so did 5.88 miles exactly (running partner had a Garmin) in 55.17 minutes. That's a 9.24 minute mile pace. Pleased, but absolutely exhausted. It's nearly 2 hours since I finished and my face is still utterly puce.

Pleased with performance though. Must thank my fellow runner. She's training for London and is set on increasing her speed over 'shorter distances'. Shorter?! Apparently, she did 11 miles yesterday and 20 on Sunday! She was very gracious about having a heavy-breathing albatross on her shoulder and even gave me some good advice about achieving my goal. Unfortunately it involves hill running and track sessions. I think I'll save that good advice for when I'm feeling fitter.

Rest day tomorrow so I'm celebrating with a prawn tempura roll. Food stuff of champions.

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