Saturday, 3 January 2015

Fifty shades of mud

First parkrun of the new year at Exeter Quay. Beautiful run, flat course, pouring rain.

In fact, it was torrential when I left my parents' so I may have overdressed. I removed two layers during the briefing, another while running and finally - reluctantly - peeled off my new 'go faster' hat three-quarters of the way round. It was like a very slow unerotic striptease.

Highly recommend the Riverside run, nice and level, though the middle couple of kilometres does involve tromping through a muddy field. Probably why I'm now filthy and nursing a minor groin strain. However, worth it for my new pb! Hoorah. Happy new year.

Stats: 3.1 miles; 27.04; 8.44 minute/mile. Plus a lovely coffee in the Quay Climbing Centre.

Pic: Hiding in the car till just before the briefing. I like running in the rain far more than I like standing in the rain.

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