Sunday, 5 June 2011

Sunday driver

Today I planned to take my new Garmin Forerunner out for a test drive. Unfortunately, one look at the instruction manual and the plan demanded revision. Even the 'Quick Start' section had my little grey cells heading for the hills (at a pace that was somewhat faster than that managed on the eventual run).

By the time I'd finished fannying around, my motivation had long since departed. I had been considering a Regent's Park extension to the usual jaunt, but that got ditched along with the Garmin. I set off feeling uninspired and it wasn't long before I was home again.

Nothing particularly exciting to report. But, I guess, it is reassuring to think that even on a lacklustre day, I've managed a few miles. I used to go out with a golfer (a proper one, no windmills involved) and he was of the opinion that playing well on a good day was easy. Keeping going on a bad day was the challenge. Wise words. Then again, he also used to snap his golf clubs in half on the back nine. Less wise.

(Stats: 4.18 miles; 45.07; 10.47 minute/mile.)

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